Different companies are increasingly using Instagram as a digital marketing platform to showcase and promote their business portfolio. Managing an Instagram account effectively can be challenging. With the use of analytics from Instagram, it becomes easy to understand what is trending, run and track campaigns, do upselling or cross-selling for the business, know how people are responding, and find out what the competitors are doing.  The analytics tools can analyze a hashtag, any public profile, give multiple other insights like performance data, what the audience expects in an easy to interpret format that gives you logical reasons of what is working, what is not, and what needs to be fixed. 

Companies are progressively looking out for people with digital marketing and analytical skills. More than ever before, this is a high in-demand skill, career opportunity, and a profitable venture for the youth in 2022. Doing a pg in digital marketing opens your doors for a highly lucrative career. Social media managers and analysts help to improve a company’s brand value and image, get more followers by engaging Instagram analytics tools.

Best Instagram Analytics Tools in 2022

Below is a list of the 10 best Instagram analytics tools that will help you manage Instagram accounts, get involved and interact with followers, improve the business and do much more.


This is the built-in free Instagram analytics tool. It comes for free with your Instagram business account. Hence, you will need to switch from your account to access the analytics on Instagram. This tool provides a summarized statistical representation of total impressions, profiles, profile visits, discovery, their reach in the last seven days. You can learn about account followers and performance. You can get detailed insights about how your audience reacts to a particular post, videos, live videos, stories, and reels. There are click buttons like the call to action and website clicks. You get to see when your followers are online.


This tool helps you with your Instagram account monitoring, publishing, and reporting. This tool has a dashboard view to show analytics. You get to know about the followers’ trends of your account, content views, and interactions. Learn about organic reach, paid reach, number of clicks, and engaged users.

Dive deeper into data with historical trends and metrics reports. Monitor response times, track comments, replies, reviews, and even the hidden or deleted ones. This tool, based on the number of users and social profiles, offers free to paid services.


Iconosquare has partnered with Instagram since 2016 in the field of social media analytics. It is a powerful tool that allows users to monitor and schedule posts and track Instagram analytics. It gives you a good insight into account engagement. Posts reach, impressions, and how the stories published on the Instagram platform performs. They have easy-to-understand graphics that display different performance metrics like the evolution of followers, posts, and their reach. It also has labels and albums features to help you organize your posts for detailed analysis and reporting purposes.


Combin is a great Instagram analytics tool. It helps you identify your target audience on Instagram and track the accounts or flowers which do not follow you back. You can check the quality of your Instagram audience. You can easily monitor the activities and growth of your audience. With the help of its scheduler feature, you can auto-publish the contents, posts by selecting a particular date and time. You can create multiple stories with just one click. This tool also comes with an Instagram account audit feature for individual accounts, businesses, and brands.


This is another Instagram analytics tool that helps analyze and track Instagram data for your or any accounts. It provides an insight into the most used hashtags and how it continues to grow. It gives instant hashtag suggestions. Furthermore, it helps you to find your target audience, influences, and competitors. The curated feature helps you create test groups, save your hashtag sets, tailor-made hashtags for your posts and profiles. They use a simple yet effective method of using hashtags to get engaging followers.


This is a unique tool that is a combination of analytics along with content management and creation. It allows you to track the usage of hashtags, their trends, posts performances, competitor data, and audience engagement. You can have measurable metrics that matter and come up with actionable insights. Have a complete view of different social profiles that are connected and a tangible report to study and improve your business. With the social data available, you can create organic campaigns, which allows you to create actions.


This is amongst the best Instagram analytics tools. It provides you with a dynamic view of metrics on reach and audience engagement, the number of followers, posts shared, their performance analytics and historical trends, and overall analysis of the Instagram account. It has built-in ready-to-use templates for reporting needs and scheduler. Using advanced analytics, you can do a deep dive study of your data. Compare your position with your competitors and improve your business plan and strategy.


This analytical tool uses the official API of Instagram. Hence, you get access to advanced insights of Instagram. It helps you to analyze, track and enhance your Instagram business efforts easily. It has a user-friendly interface and allows you to collaborate with social media influencers by sharing an Instagram insight link. Furthermore, it is available for free as well as paid service for advanced insights.


This one’s a one-of-a-kind analytics tool. This tool specializes in providing influencer analytics for an Instagram account. You can find who are the best influencers who will help you grow your Instagram account. This tool comes in handy when you regularly work with influencers and use an influencer as part of your marketing tactics. The primary limitation is that this tool provides data on influence analytics only and not any other Instagram insights.


While it helps create content, this app provides excellent analytics and in-depth trends of every Instagram post and story. You can track the growth of your business, download performance reports, insights of performance metrics of the Instagram account. It also helps you make personalized scheduled posts, calendarised the posts, finds the best hashtags, and other analytics. This tool is available at a price for small to large-sized businesses.

The Bottom-line:

To conclude, social media experts derive value for your business using data analytics to grow your business. Instagram frequently updates its platform with new features. Hence, the right Instagram analytics tool will help you progress your business. All collected data helps you keep up with your competitors, know the followers, plan and improve your online digital strategy, and have fruitful campaigns to bear better results and growth.

To succeed in an enriching career in social media digital marketing and analytics, these tools will assist you to know how your efforts are paying off on the Instagram account or other social platforms. Based on the type of industry, you will need to choose an Instagram analytics tool that meets your business requirements.